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Video & Animation Tech   May 02, 2020   Scott Drudge

My monitor upgrade using a Vizio 4K 40 inch TV as PC monitor!

Want to use a low cost 4K TV on your computer to replace those old worn out 1080p monitors?

My monitor upgrade using a Vizio 4K 40 inch TV as PC monitor!
Video & Animation Tech   Jan 01, 2020   Scott Drudge

Using my custom cheap teleprompters and why you should too!

Let’s talk Dialog! When you talk on your videos, do you speak off the cuff and wing it as you go?

Video & Animation Tech   Aug 16, 2019   Scott Drudge

Unboxing and review of a SoftBox umbrella by Neewer – Use for video and photographic lighting!

Want a good cheap softbox for your studio? Great for both video and photographic lighting! Check out the Neewer Soft Box Umbrella we review

Video & Animation Tech   Jun 11, 2019   Scott Drudge

Check out my YouTube Studio! Tell me what you think of my gear!

To create Youtube content takes some gear. We have more gear than you need, but come in and take a tour of our studio and video gear we use to create content.

Video & Animation Tech   Feb 03, 2019   Scott Drudge

Unbox, Install and Review Forito Screen Protector – Huion Drawing Tablet

I unboxed and installed a Forito Screen protector on my Huion GT-220 monitor. the goal was to see how well a cheaper alternative, more clear and slightly thinner screen protector will work on a Huion drawing tablet.

Video & Animation Tech   Dec 31, 2018   Scott Drudge

Are You Straight? (Drawing That Is.) Huion, iPad, Wacom Testing

Find out if you're straight or too much wobble in your lines. One thing tablet monitors can have issue with is being able to draw really straight lines, free-hand. So we do a quick few tests and comparison on 3 different type digital drawing tablets.

Video & Animation Tech   Nov 24, 2018   Scott Drudge

Unboxing a Huion GT-220 V2 Display Drawing Tablet

Unboxed, tested and review of the Huion Kamvas GT-220 Display Drawing Tablet. Best 21-inch table for the price point to use with Blender (2.80 version), Photoshop and more. Great for the beginning artist, or seasoned professional looking for a great way to 2-D and 3-D drawing on a computer.