Want some cool old tech to create new sounds? Check out these old monster toys out of a Lowery organ from the 70s!

We play with a rotating drum tremolo and spring reverb.

Can be usedin some cool new tech ways to make cool sound effects and more. These are the analog counterparts to current day digital effects!

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:27 Organ Teardown & Tremolo Unit
  • 00:52 How the Tremolo Works
  • 01:35 Fender named it wrong!
  • 02:18 Playing stuff through the tremolo
  • 03:35 Fender Amp tremolo
  • 04:07 Spring Reverb unit
  • 04:43 How the spring reverb works
  • 05:56 Making spring reverb sound effects
  • 06:57 Music through spring reverb
  • 07:45 Closing statement