Let’s talk Dialog!

When you talk on your videos, do you speak off the cuff and wing it as you go? Or do you write scripts and read those back as a narrative or to the camera? Looking at the camera and reading a script at the same time is really hard to do, especially if you’re trying to talk directly to your audience. , So why not use a teleprompter like this cheap one I created here?

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:20 What is a teleprompter?
  • 00:50 It’s like cue cards
  • 01:15 Teleprompter why use?
  • 02:00 Here’s the simple teleprompter I built. Basic build and setup.
  • 06:13 Setup teleprompter, vga distribution computer connection
  • 06:35 Teleprompter software I’m using
  • 08:08 Different teleprompter software overview
  • 08:28 So why use a teleprompter recap
  • 10:02 Outro

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